Live Fruit Cells + Aloe: Our Summer Obsession



Summer is here, and it is H O T in College Station! The towering windows that frame the front of the spa perpetually remind us of the heat that lurks just outside them. While long days in the sun can cause delayed damage as you age, proper care can significantly decrease the effects of prolonged sun exposure. This Texas heat is a harsh reminder that sunscreen is a daily necessity. You should look for a daily facial moisturizer that has an SPF included, and always remember to apply SPF to your body if you will be exposed to the sun’s rays between the hours of 10am and 4pm. We always advise that you wear sunscreen (especially on your face), and we also recommend generous applications of after-sun care. Sunny skies + chlorine = dehydrated, rough skin, which increases the importance of revitalizing your skin after sun exposure. Thankfully, we have the luscious answer to your sun-beaten skin that cries for help!


Live Fruit Cells

At Facelogic, we are quick to adopt a favorite product, scent, or technique with each changing season, and this summer we are all obsessing over the devilishly irresistible FarmHouse Fresh Strawberry Smash and Honeysuckle Orange Custard Double Moisturizers. Live fruit cells are suspended in nourishing aloe gel which mushes together creating a vitamin-packed system that makes these Smashers perfect for after-sun care.



Obsession with Samples

Like most of our products, we display testers of these two body creams for our clients to sample while they shop our store. One of our best-kept secrets is that our employees love the product testers that are nestled around the shop just as much as our clients do. In the mornings before our first clients walk through the doors, or at the end of a long shift, we delight in the delicious scents of the FarmHouse Fresh body creams. We can’t get enough of these Smashers and we want everyone to know it! The charming printed jute tote + wooden mixing spoon that accompany the 7oz. glass jar only make this body cream more alluring.

We are simply, and justifiably, obsessed, and we hope you will come see what our hype is about. We have the Fresh Strawberry Smash and Honeysuckle Orange Custard Double Moisturizers in stock, but they won’t last long! Ps. All FarmHouse Fresh products are Paraben & Sulfate free -- and the Smashers are Vegan and Gluten-free!


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