8 Beach Bag Essentials For Your Next Vacation


Have you checked the humidity levels recently? Today was EIGHTY PERCENT. Yesterday was the same, and tomorrow will certainly not disappoint. Aside from the havoc this wreaks on my hair, the 80% humidity is a faithful reminder of our proximity to the coastline. The beaches of Galveston are only 141 miles away from Facelogic, South Padre is 6 hours away, and Destin, FL is just a road trip away. If we aren't beaching, are we really summering? The answer for most of Texas is NO. Before the end of August, we will have vacationed at the beach, myself included. But here's the deal: the sun's red-hot rays are even stronger while you are on the beach. It is highly likely that you are wearing less protective clothing, and you are staying outside longer than usual. To help with your next beach trip, here are our top 8 Beach Bag Essentials. 



1. Eminence Sun Defense Minerals:

This water-resistant, 30SPF mineral makeup should be your closest companion next time you take a vacation, no matter the destination. I love it because you can toss it in your bag and take it with you wherever you go. It won't wipe away when you sweat or smudge when you jump into the pool. Plus a little extra SPF never hurt anyone! 


2. Stone Crop Hydrating Mist:

If Sun Defense Minerals had a best friend, it would be Stone Crop Mist. When used together, they increase your skin’s hydration level and leave it looking smooth and moisturized.


3. Eminence Citrus Lip Balm:

Don't forget to hydrate your lips to keep them from chapping. Citrus Lip Balm is a top fav at Facelogic, you can buy it as a set with a lip exfoliant + lip mask.  


4. Neutrogena Beach Defense Sunscreen:

As the palest team member at Facelogic, I run laps around everyone when it comes to the use of sunscreen. This Beach Defense sunscreen is my go-to when I plan on spending any time outside. I've never burned while using it, plus it smells nice and applies painlessly. 


5. Water Bottle:

You will notice a considerable difference between hydrated and dehydrated skin. If your face feels itchy, looks dull, or you see an increase in fine lines or wrinkles, you need to drink more water! Be proactive, and keep a water bottle with you while you are out in the sun.


6. Beach Hat:

Protect your scalp, face, and neck. This one is a no-brainer. 


7. Sun Glasses:

Just like #6 sunglasses are undeniably necessary at the beach. Protect your eyes, and combat crows feet and sun-spots by always wearing sunnies!


8. FarmHouse Fresh Fruit Smashers:

You can read all about these here. Live fruit cells are suspended in nourishing aloe gel which mushes together creating a vitamin-packed system that makes these Smashers perfect for after-sun care. Facelogic carries Fresh Strawberry Smash and Honeysuckle Orange Custard, this product should always accompany you to the beach!


Did I forget anything from my list? I would love to hear what you always keep in your beach bag. Leave me a comment below!