Reasons Why I Need to Get an Organic Facial Today



As I took off my makeup last night, I was shocked at the toll the summer sun had taken on my skin. Chlorine, forehead sweat, and the sun's rays have left my sensitive skin in a dreadful place. Acne is waging a war, my nose is dry, and my skin looks dull. Altogether, my face is a battleground: I have neglected my skin during my busy summer, and it shows.

How can organic help?

Eminence Organics has been a close friend of mine over the last 4 years. Their are products can target each of my issues, and they never let me down. I have a few go-to's for dry skin- Stone Crop Moisturizer and 8 Greens Youth Serum- and for acne- Herbal Mud Masque or 8 Greens Hot Masque. 

There are always going to be people who will judge me for getting facials. These people have long labeled facial treatments as fancy, high-maintenance, and divalicious. But I think we need to dispel that misconception.


Organic facials are not only for the high maintenance

Sure, facials are wonderfully relaxing and luxurious. But we aren't all going to the spa for cucumbers and champagne. A high-quality, organic facial can target problem areas and achieve results that aren't possible through at home treatments alone. A hydrating, organic facial can bring life back into the dull skin. Facials can target acne, rosacea, dry skin, and many other concerns. These natural products nourish your skin using natural herbs, fruits, and vegetables. This means that while addressing target concerns, you are revitalizing your skin, rather than drying it out (a side effect of many chemical facials). If you are seeking results, you should veer towards an organic facial rather than another grocery store product.

Spas offer high-quality complementary services

During most of my facials, I add on microdermabrasion. When I talk about my skin appearing dull, in the back of my mind I'm thinking about Microderm. This diamond tip crystal exfoliation gently buffs the damaged surface of your skin. As the crystals polish your skin, it feels a little bit like a cat is licking your face. Though unfamiliar, this sensation has never disrupted the peaceful state of relaxation I lull into during every facial. 

relaxation time at the spa.jpg

Stress Stress Stress

2/3 of my skin battle stems from perpetual stress. We are talking about stress that keeps me awake at night and causes eye circles. Stress is a silent killer, and it is the root of so many of my skin flare-ups. Getting a facial allows me an hour to myself where I can leave my thoughts at the door. I can spend a full hour with my eyes closed, enjoying pleasant music and comforting massage. You might say that this hour is extravagant, but I believe that a calm hour does wonders for the health of my skin. This restfulness goes beyond the hour and throughout the rest of my week.

Getting an organic facial will help me destress, depimple, and rehydrate my skin. My face is crying out for all these things, and I need to pay attention to it. In reality, I probably won't be able to schedule a facial today. But I will make sure to exfoliate tonight, drink a lot of water, and get on the spa schedule as soon as possible!