TTT: How to Apply A Bold Lip Color

hot pink bold lip color application


One of my favorite things to do is buy new lipsticks. I love looking at all the fresh shades that appear with the changing seasons. Matte, satin, sheer, shimmer: I love trying out the unique colors. A good shade of lipstick can weather you through the everyday. Even more, a great shade of lipstick can take an outfit from a 5 to a 10. Because these great shades make a statement, they are usually a deep, bold, or bright hue. These shades can be tricky to apply, due to their rich color. You want your color to look even, and stay inside (or outside, if that is what you are going for) the lines of your lips. We’ve all experienced the struggle, you've applied your lipstick  almost perfectly, but then you mess it all up. Here are my tips on getting the perfect lip look.


Moisturized Lips

Find a good lip exfoliant. I didn't understand the importance of this until I discovered the Eminence Organics Lip Trio kit. The exfoliant is gentle on my lips, but it removes the dead skin and leaves my lips silky smooth. After exfoliating, drench your lips in a hydrating balm to lock in moisture. A balm will be the most impactful form of hydration following a brisk exfoliation. Make this part of your weekly beauty routine, even if you aren't a committed lipstick enthusiast.


deep bold lip color


The Base

Apply a dab of your facial concealer to your lips. You are creating a neutral base for your bold lip color with your concealer.


Lip Liner

It is amazing what a difference lip liner will make! Liner acts as a boundary for your lipstick, keeping your lip color from feathering, and exaggerating the statement that your lips will make. You'll need to commit to getting a matching liner with each new shade of lipstick. It is an investment, but it is well worth it. If you are feeling adventurous, applying a liner of a slightly different color than your lipstick will have an intriguing effect.


row of lip colors



The big moment is here; you've been preparing for this. It is time to pull out your lip color. This is the easy part, you'll slowly apply your lipstick as usual. Run over the lip liner, and then fill between the boundary lines. If you make any mistakes, reach for the concealer you just used, and apply it with a flat brush or q-tip. This last step will leave you with crisp lines and bold lips.

Take a look in the mirror and admire your work. Don't be discouraged if it isn't perfect, lipstick is an art. The more you practice applying it, the better you will get.


I always opt in for bright pinks or deep purples. But, I'm always looking for new shades to try. I’d love to hear your favorites!