During your therapy session, you will be comfortable in your own personal and private setting where you can enjoy peace and tranquility. We ask that you please arrive 15 minutes prior to your session and turn off all electronic devices. Call us today at 979.693.2600 to schedule your treatment.


50 min. Custom Massage

member $55 | non-member $75

Let our licensed massage therapists melt your tensions away with 50 minutes of bliss customized to your needs. Our full body massage will relieve the stresses of everyday life while improving circulation and relaxing your muscles. You are welcome to upgrade your session with any of the following services!


80 min. Custom Massage

member $80 | non-member $95

Receive the benefits of a custom massage for an extra 30 minutes!


Couples Massage

50 min. member $60/person | non-member $80/person

80 min. member $85/person | non-member $100/person

Enjoy all the benefits of a custom massage while spending time with a loved one. Allow our licensed massage therapists to melt away your tension and soothe your muscles for 80 minutes. 


Deep Tissue Upgrade: 

member $10 | non-member $15

Deep tissue upgrades can be added onto any massage. After evaluating your problem areas; trigger point, stretching, and myofascial massage techniques are used to increase circulation, release chronic tension, and relieve muscle pain and stiffness.


Aromatherapy Upgrade:

member $15 | non-member $15

Add the benefits of Aromatherapy to your massage treatment. Essential oils have such a wide range of effects. Our essential oils are derived from organically methods, thereby avoiding the use of chemical pesticides or herbicides. Aromatherapy products are incorporated through physical routes such as skin absorption and inhalation. 


Himalayan Hot Stone Upgrade:

member $15 | non-member $20

Upgrade your massage treatment with the benefits of warm smooth river rocks. Basalt stones, smoothed to earthly perfection, are heated and used in this customized massage. The deep heat of the stones, combined with an expert touch, will restore your sense of well-being and tranquility.


Prenatal (Mom to Be) Upgrade:

member $10 | non-member $10


Ashiatsu Upgrade:

member $30 | non-member $40


Doterra AromaTouch Treatment:

member $30 | non-member $45