How to Care for Organic Products



So you listened to your esthetician and bought a few Eminence Organics products. Maybe you only have one, maybe you have 10 different masques floating around your bathroom. Either way, you’ll want to maximize the life of these all-natural products. Eminence Organics operates on the foundation of sourcing “premium ingredients from organic farms worldwide to ensure the products are the purest and most potent.” Choosing organic means that there are no harsh chemicals added to your products. This also means that the chemical preservatives that are typically added to beauty care products are absent in your Eminence products. Because of this, you need to make sure your products are kept clean, cool, and sealed.


Keeping Organic Products Germ Free

Organic products don’t contain chemicals and preservatives, so to ensure long-lasting freshness you want to make sure not to add germs to the list of ingredients. It’s not shocking that your hands are dirty. Using your hands to scoop the product out of the container will leave behind dirt and germs that can taint the rest of the masque or moisturizer.  When you purchase Eminence products such as masques and scrubs, a plastic spatula will be included in the packaging. Using this spatula will keep the germs from your hands out of the container. The spatula will also help you measure out the small amount of product you need!


Keep the Products Dry

Eminence Organics designs their product packaging to be as user-friendly as possible. This is why the products come in many different bottles, misters, canisters, and tubes. While these are resealable to keep water out, you should keep a watchful eye over products that you store near water. If you like to keep your products in the shower, store them as far away from the water as possible. If water seeps into dry products like Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant, the power will clump and lose effectiveness.  


Organic Products Need to be Temperature Controlled

A little-known fact is that all Eminence Products are shipped in temperature-controlled vehicles. This is because the organic products lack chemical preservatives that protect them from heat damage. The shelf life of an Eminence product is 12 months, and by protecting them from extreme heat, you can sustain this shelf-life. If you are traveling, I suggest purchasing travel kits so your full-size products aren’t ruined by exposure to heat. It is also good practice to keep products in cabinets or drawers where they have a barrier from shower steam. A cool, dark place will optimize freshness. Additionally, I would recommend keeping products out of the shower, if possible. I have a super small bathroom, and the shower tempts me with storage space for my products, but over time the heat will reduce the effectiveness of the natural ingredients. For this, I say, store your products in a cabinet, and take a small scoop of a masque (using the spatula we talked about) into the shower with. This way you don’t have to sacrifice a soothing shower masque or sacrifice the potency of the ingredients. If you are worried about products becoming too warm in your house, you may want to keep them in the refrigerator. I especially like to do this for soothing masques, like Pink Grapefruit Vitality. The coolness of the masque is intensified by the literal coolness of the product.


Keep Containers Closed

I am always running late. I love sleeping in as long as possible and beating the clock to get to work in the morning. In the evenings, I rush through my nightly routine and eagerly hop in bed. Despite this, I am mindful of tightly sealing my product containers. This practice keeps germs out of my products and keeps moisture out. I want these products to stay clean and effective as long as possible, and keeping them closed will encourage freshness. I would hate to come home to a dry, moldy product.


If you use organic products, Eminence or not, follow these guidelines to lock in freshness, and extend the shelf-life. Your products will do more for your skin at maximum potency, so try and keep them clean, dry, and temperature-controlled. You will notice a difference over the life of your product, trust me on this!

Are there any other tips you can share with fellow lovers of organic?